WHY Scuola di Politiche

Scuola di Politiche, School of Policy, was founded in 2015 by former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta. The objective of the School is to focus on and teach the policies, i.e. the “content that gives a real meaning to politics, intended as passion for the common good, an ethical tension, a system of values that lies at the basis of public commitment.”
In an ever more complex, interdependent and specialized world, if politics wants to effectively govern and change, it requires competence and rigor.
The School aims to become a leading reference for young people, researchers and policy-makers in Italy and Europe and to connect with other Schools and think-tanks in the World.


Scuola di Politiche is an initiative by AREL (Agency for research and legislation), a prominent Italian think tank and research center founded by Nino Andreatta, former Italian Minister of Budget, Foreign Affairs and Defence, to whose memory the School is dedicated.
Scuola di Politiche is hosted in Rome at AREL, in Piazza Sant’Andrea della Valle n. 6, and it is directed by the Italian MP Marco Meloni.


Our students are a group of 100 high-qualified young people, 52 women and 48 men, aged between 19 and 25, selected from a pool of 672 candidates. The selection was based on criteria of diversity and inclusion, academic performance, passion for public affairs. The selection committee was chaired by Emma Bonino, former European commissioner and Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Pascal Lamy, former WTO Director General.


Over 50 prominent academics and professionals, including a number of senior public officials, former ministers, EU commissioners, have agreed to engage freely with our students, providing unique insights into public policy at the national and at the international level.


Attendance is free (there are no tuition fees) but mandatory for all students;
Inaugural and final lectures;
8 Training Modules in key areas (The EU, Global Affairs, Political Philosophy, The State, The Italian economy, Innovation, Society and welfare, Communication);

Special lessons
Classroom exercises and contests;
A final public policy contest;
High-profile international conferences (Enrico Letta, Pascal Lamy, Emma Bonino, Marc Lazar, Sabino Cassese, Herman Van Rompuy);
Visits to national, EU and international institutions;
The annual “Andreatta Lecture”;


Piazza di Sant’Andrea della Valle, 6, 00186 Roma c/o AREL.
E-mail: info@scuoladipolitiche.eu

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